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Albertus Angga Raharja

Hello from my New Website!

3 min read

Hello again! 👋

Hello world!! It's been a long time since I last wrote a blog post. I bought a new domain (again). Previously I was using (inactive) and (still active) as my personal website domain to host my portfolio.

I built my first website during my 3rd semester of CS studies in 2017 after my first internship at STOQO was over. Back then, I built the website as my online resume, portfolio, after getting inspired by many cool people and cool CS students on the internet. It was the year when I started learning about web development, JavaScript, and React. I didn't know how to setup a website from scratch back then and all I wanted to do was to learn how to do so. My old website was built on top of React + Netlify as a static client-side rendered website.


Over the time, it's getting really hard to maintain my old website since it felt like I had to maintain two resumes at the same time. At the same time, I also found out that my online presence in the Internet through my old username (@adalberht) is kinda inconsistent since on some platforms the username had been claimed by someone.

During the Christmas Eve, I decided to buy myself The Coding Career Handbook by swyx as a gift for myself before graduating from my university and start working full-time as a software engineer. Skimming through the contents' book and Shawn's post, I noticed a very good piece of writing about Marketing Yourself. One particular aspect that got highlighted in Shawn's post was the importance of consistency.

New Username and Consistency

Since I couldn't be consistent with my username, over the Christmas eve I thought hard about changing my username and what would my new username be. I couldn't come up with a good name so I decided with @albertusdev after noticing some people on the tech industry also following the same practice to make their username unique on the internet (their first name + dev)😳 😂. Luckily, was not reserved by anyone yet and I decided to buy it since I noticed that website with shorter URL tends to be more neater and cooler in my opinion 😅.

After buying the new domain, I decided it's probably a good time to start revamping my old website since it no longers really give me or anyone that knows my resume a value anymore. But, since I just wanted to enjoy my Christmas/New Year holiday before my last final exam period in Uni, I decided to just take down my old website and move it to I also put some WIP / Revamp on the main website in case someone accessed it before I make the time to really work on my new website.

It has been a really, really long time since I last wrote a post on the Internet. In case you are wondering how my past writings look like, you can find several of them here:

Finding the time to rework on this website

I had several ideas on what I really want to be there in my new website but most importantly it should be my #1 and safe place to write and share anything related to my career and growth. I wrote some motivations and several ideas about my new website on my Notion here.

3 weeks went by and I was focused on finishing my very last semester on my CS studies really well to make sure that I properly graduate. Since it would not be funny if I made a mistake and don't graduate this semester even though I already have signed a full-time offer after my graduation 😅

I can finally say that I've completed my CS Studies in University of Indonesia and will be graduating soon! I'm in the middle of my holidays right now before starting at Stripe as a New Grad Software Engineer very soon.

I wanted to set a writing platform for myself before starting my very first full-time job, I finally managed to take the time to work and revamp this website. And so, here we are!

How this website was built

But since I didn't really want to spend that much time of my holiday just to build a personal website that maybe nobody cares about, I decided to build this website using Gatsby on top of the open-source Minimal Blog Gatsby Theme by LekoArts. Thanks, LekoArts for your awesome open-source Gatsby template!


Over the time, I'll continue to polish and add more features on this website. I also have several blog drafts that I promise to publish before starting my first fulltime job. I'm so excited to finally have a private and safe space to share my writings with you all!

Thanks for reading this post!

All writings here are my own and do not represent any of my current and past employer.
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