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Albertus Angga Raharja

Hi! I'm Albertus! 👋

I'm a Software Engineer who grew up in a small town in Indonesia 🇮🇩

Currently, I'm working as New Grad Software Engineer at Stripe 🇸🇬 💼

Previously I studied Computer Science at University of Indonesia 🎓

Throughout my 4 years of studies there, I've had the privilege to intern as a software engineer in Google, Gojek, and Traveloka.

At Google, I joined Flutter team and created a new feature called Layout Explorer that helps people to understand Flex Layout in Flutter. My internship at Google was like a dream come true. It was truly a life-changing experience since it was my first time traveling to the United States and living in Seattle for 3 months! For someone who grew up in a small town like me, I was really happy to be able to join Google after several interviewing attempts (~15 applications, ~2 interview rejections). Never in my life, I would imagine that an Indonesian and "rural boy" like me could join Google!

After Google, I was supposed to join and intern at Facebook in their London office during the next summer (Jun - Aug '20). But unfortunately, because of the pandemic, my internship was cancelled.

After that, instead of doing nothing for the whole summer amid the world pandemic situation, I decided to spend my summer remote interning at a very-early-stage & local startup called Jago Coffee, tinkering around with Flutter at production use, while doing interview preparation for a new grad software engineering role.

I'm glad to share that amid the COVID-19 situation I was still able to secure an offer from my dream company, Stripe, to help build the online payments infrastructure for APAC region.

My first exposure with programming was through competitive programming when I was still at high school, trying to compete in the Indonesian National Olympiad of Informatics, but failed miserably at provincial level 😂. Since then, my interest with the tech world grows and I decided to major in Computer Science.

I'm currently in love and obsessed with building great products and I love stitching different parts of software components. I'm excited to start my very first full-time job soon in hope to learn about how to build a great product and grow personally as a software engineer.

I'm a huge nerd and I love playing JRPG video games and watching anime during my leisure ⚽ Also, I like to speed type and I can type around 150-160 word per minute on average. Hit me up on TypeRacer

What I'm doing now

I'm joining Stripe as a New Grad Software Engineer to build the online payments infrastructure for APAC region and will be based on their Singapore office!

Stripe is one of my dream companies and I always heard cool stuffs and good things from people on the internet about the product and the people working at Stripe.

Personally, I think it's a great time to join Stripe. I also believe and very excited about what Raylene Yung said here:

“Personal growth is compounded by company growth.“

I'm excited to join Stripe and looking forward to share all my learnings as a new grad/junior software engineer who is lucky enough to get the privilege to work with the most brilliants in the industry :)

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All writings here are my own and do not represent any of my current and past employer.
All writings here are my own and do not represent any of my current and past employer.
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